Documentation Site Customization

Docs Site Theme

The documentation site was built using the Jekyll static site generator and the Just the Docs theme.

Docs Pages

All docs pages are written in Markdown. See here for basic syntax guide:

Code Blocks

See Markdown guidance for basic code block syntax tips.

Note for R code blocks: To ensure the site does not evaluate the R code, include the tags r and ** at the start and end of your code block next to the 3 ticks. For example… github-pages

Deploying Docs Changes

Any changes made to the master branch will be automatically deployed to the docs site:

  • Consider that changes may sometimes take a couple of minutes to build, but are usually fast.
  • If the docs site is not refreshing to reflect your changes, check Settings > Github Pages to confirm that your site has successfully published and there were no errors when re-building the site.



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