WHO Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates (DDCC)
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Library: ModernaOrPfizerPass (Experimental)

Official URL: http://localhost/Library/ModernaOrPfizerPass|1.0.0 Version: 1.0.0
Active as of 2024-01-19 Computable Name: Moderna Or Pfizer Pass

DDCC-compliant rule to evaluate if patients have an immunization from Moderna or Pfizer



library ModernaOrPfizerPass version '1.0.0'

using FHIR version '4.0.1'

include "FHIRHelpers" version '4.0.1' called FHIRHelpers

context Patient

define "Completed Immunization":
  ModernaProtocol or PfizerProtocol

define "ModernaProtocol":
  Count(GetAllModerna) > 1

define "PfizerProtocol":
  Count(GetAllPfizer) > 1

define "GetAllModerna":
  [Immunization] I
    where I.vaccineCode.coding.code.value contains '207'

define "GetAllPfizer":
  [Immunization] I
    where I.vaccineCode.coding.code.value contains '208'

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