WHO Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS)
0.2.1 - CI Build

This is the continuous build for version 0.2.1. This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/WorldHealthOrganization/ddcc and changes regularly.


The WHO Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS) Implementation Guide details how to use Health Level 7 (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) for consistent digital representation of COVID-19 vaccination certificates and interoperability.

  • This version of the implementation guide is based on the current content at http://WorldHealthOrganization.github.io/ddcc
  • This implementation guide and set of artifacts are still undergoing development.
  • The DDCC:VS technical specifications and implementation guidance is being issued to facilitate implementation of effective and interoperable digital solutions for vaccination certificates for the purposes of continuity of care and proof of vaccination. The DDCC:VS document contains an overview of high level use cases for digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates including workflows; core data elements mapped to standard code systems; functional and non-functional requirements; an overview of digitally signing a certificate with public key infrastructure (PKI) technology; implementation guidance regarding ethical considerations, privacy and data protection principles, and national governance considerations; and this linked FHIR Implementation Guide for the DDCC:VS scope.
  • This content is for demonstration purposes only.


This implementation guide contains a standards-compliant specifications for the DDCC:VS technical specifications and guidance document. The implementation guide explicitly encodes computer-interoperable logic, including data models, terminologies, and logic expressions, in a computable language to support implementation of continuity of care and proof of vaccination use cases by Member States.

Supporting guidance, recommendations, resources, and standards are included in the References and Dependencies lists.

About this implementation guide

This implementation guide is broken into the following levels of knowledge representation:

  • Narrative Contains references to the guidance, guidelines, policies and recommendations underpinning this implementation. guide
  • Business Requirements Contains the requirements for this implementation guide including the definition of key concepts, use cases, and a data dictionary.
  • Data Models and Exchange Contains the data models and data exchange protocols with actors and transactions defined.
  • Deployment Guidance Contains relevant technical specifications and guidance, as well as supporting guidance for adaptation to local contexts.


The specification herewith documented is a demo working specification, and may not be used for any implementation purposes. This draft is provided without warranty of completeness or consistency, and the official publication supersedes this draft. No liability can be inferred from the use or misuse of this specification, or its consequences.