WHO Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS)
0.2.1 - CI Build

WHO Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS) - Local Development build (v0.2.1). See the Directory of published versions


There are multiple actors defined in this implementation guide.

Data Entry Personnel

The person who enters the information about the Subject of Care (as outlined in the core data set) that has been manually recorded at care sites into a digital system. Health workers can also be the Data Entry Personnel if a point-of-care system is in place that allows health workers to digitally document a vaccination event right away.

DDCC:VS Generation Service

The service that is responsible for generating a digitally signed representation, the DDCC, of the information concerning a COVID-19 vaccination.

DDCC:VS Holder

The person who has the Subject of Care’s vaccination certificate. The person is usually the Subject of Care but does not have to be. For example, a caregiver may hold the DDCC:VS for a child or other dependant.

DDCC:VS Registry Service

The service that can be used to request and receive the digitally signed COVID-19 vaccination information.

DDCC:VS Repository Service

A potentially federated service that has a repository, or database, of DDCC:VS.

Digital Health Solution

A secure system that is used at the point of care or health facility, such as an electronic immunization registry (EIR), an electronic medical record or a shared health record (SHR).

Public Health Authority (PHA)

An entity or organization under whose auspices the vaccination is performed and the DDCC:VS is issued.

Subject of Care

The person who receives the vaccination.


The person who administers the vaccine. Depending on national policies, the person who administers the vaccine might not be a formal health-care provider. Examples include physicians, nurse practitioners, community health workers or volunteer vaccinators.


A natural person or legal person, either private or public, formally authorized (under national law, decree, regulation or other official act or order) to verify the vaccination status presented on the DDCC.