WHO Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS)
0.2.1 - CI Build

This is the continuous build for version 0.2.1. This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/WorldHealthOrganization/ddcc and changes regularly.


Business process diagrams for each of the Use Cases are included in the Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS) — Technical Specifications and Implementation Guidance (link forthcoming).

This page includes sequence diagrams with DDCC:VS actors (described in the Actors) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) references, and includes options, such as the use of two-dimensional (2D) barcodes and a DDCC:VS Repository Service.

Continuity of Care scenario-Paper First use case: Digitize Vaccination Event (Paper)

Transaction: Digitize Vaccination Event (Paper First)Subject of CareDDCC:VS HolderVaccinatorData Entry PersonnelPaperRegisterDigitalHealthSolutionDDCC:VSGenerationServiceDDCC:VSRegistryServiceDDCC:VSRepositoryServiceopt[Subject of Care has aDDCC:VS paper card]1.1.1Give Subject of Care'sDDCC:VS paper cardto Vaccinator1.1.2Administer vaccination1.1.3Record core data set dataon DDCC:VS paper card1.1.4Record vaccinationevent in paperregister1.1.5Read row inpaper register1.1.6Enter vaccinationevent details1.1.7Send vaccinationevent details1.1.8Generate DDCC:VSFHIR Documentopt[Generate 2D barcode]1.1.9Generate 2D barcode1.1.10Add 2D barcode toFHIR Document1.1.11Sign DDCC:VSFHIR Documentopt[Has DDCC:VS Registry]opt[Has DDCC:VS Repository]1.1.12Upload FHIR Document1.1.13Upload FHIR Bundle1.1.14Return signedFHIR Document1.1.15Store signed FHIRDocument inSubject of Care's record

Continuity of Care scenario-Offline Digital Health use case: Digitize Vaccination Event (Online)

Digitize Vaccination Event (Online Digital)Subject of CareDDCC HolderVaccinatorData Entry PersonnelDigitalHealthSolutionDDCC:VSGenerationServiceDDCC:VSRegistryServiceDDCC:VSRepositoryServiceopt[Subject of Care has aDDCC:VS paper card]1.1.1Give Subject of Care'sDDCC:VS paper cardto Vaccinator1.1.2Administer vaccination1.1.3Record core data setdata on DDCC:VSpaper card1.1.4Enter vaccinationevent details1.1.5Send vaccinationevent details1.1.6Generate DDCC:VSHL7 FHIR Documentopt[Generate 2D Barcode]1.1.7Generate 2D Barcode1.1.8Add 2D Barcode toDDCC:VS FHIR Document1.1.9Sign DDCC:VSFHIR Documentopt[Has DDCC:VS:VS Registry]opt[Has DDCC:VS:VS Repository]1.1.10Upload DDCC:VSFHIR Document1.1.11Upload DDCC:VSFHIR Bundle1.1.12Return signedDDCC:VS FHIR Document1.1.13Store signed DDCC:VSFHIR Document inSubect of Care's recordopt[Can Print QR Stickers]1.1.14Print QR code stickerfrom signed DDCC:VSFHIR Document1.1.15Place QR codesticker on DDCC:VS

Proof of Vaccination scenario-Online Status Check use case: Request Digital DDCC

Transaction: Request DDCC:VSVerifierDDCC:VSRegistrySericeDDCC:VSRepositorySerice1.1.1Request current DigitalDDCC:VS with a givenDDCC:VS identifier1.1.2Search list of reservedidentifiers for the requestedDDCC:VS identifieralt[DDCC:VS Folder Found]1.1.3Return DDCC:VS Folderopt[DDCC:VS Repository exists]1.1.4Request DDCC:VS HL7 FHIR Document1.1.5Return DDCC FHIR Document[DDCC:VS Folder Not Found]1.1.6Return error condition