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ConceptMap: Lab Test - Sample Origin - Mapping DIVOC to ICD-11

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Draft as of 2023-02-21 Computable Name: LabTestSampleOriginDivocToIcd11ConceptMap

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Lab Test - Sample Origin - DIVOC mapped to ICD-11

Mapping from (not specified) to (not specified)

DRAFT. Published on 2023-02-21 by WHO (WHO: http://who.int). TODO: provide copyright information

Group 1Mapping from DIVOC lab test origin codes used in this IG to International Classification of Diseases, 11th Revision Mortality and Morbidity Statistics (MMS)

Source CodeRelationshipTarget Code
Nasopharyngeal SwabJAM.AH.XF (Nasopharyngeal swab)
Throat swabKAR.AH.XF (Oropharyngeal swab)
Nasal SwabJAM.AH.XF (Nasopharyngeal swab)
nasopharyngeal swabJAM.AH.XF (Nasopharyngeal swab)
throat swabKAR.AH.XF (Oropharyngeal swab)
nasal swabJAM.AH.XF (Nasopharyngeal swab)