Getting Started

To everyone who has jumped in wanting to help: We are humbled at the outpouring of support we have received from all over the world and are eager to have you contribute and apologize that we are still in the early process of figuring out how to manage all the contributions. Please bear with us while we get an initial version out the door and split out into smaller teams working in parallel, when we can then on-board more volunteers. Until then, please keep filing issues, and fill out the volunteer form here and we’ll get back in touch.


Where to find answers to your questions:


Please add your GitHub URL to your Slack profile. For key conversations related to each major area, please see the following Slack channels:

Point People

This is very much a team effort, and we are moving quickly enough that we have to self-organize as much as we can. You’re encouraged to step up and find places to contribute rather than relying on anyone to tell you what to do. With that said, there are a couple people helping play point around different areas that are trying to keep a pulse of everything going on in those areas:


Please review the Contributor Guidelines before making any contributions to the code.

This app uses a monorepo structure with the client application in the client directory and all server-related code in the server directory (currently only the client directory is used).

Engineering design documents are kept in devdesign.

Initial Setup

Clone the repo and run from the root of the local clone:



See client/


See server/


List of common problems and solutions during development.

PR Checks

Policy Check

Error: “Policy Check / Check source code for policy violations”

Solution: Click on the “Details” link to the right and search for the second “Add” to find the issue:

❌ L172 of client/assets/content_bundles/your_questions_answered.en.yaml:
<li>Place the mask on your face covering your nose, mouth and chin, making sure that there are no gaps between your face and the mask</li>

ℹ️ Add '8731da43a61f8fae0293d877c558ad655fa242fcb74eba16ad001272bae3bfe6 client/assets/content_bundles/your_questions_answered.en.yaml' to ./.github/policy-ignored-lines.txt to ignore this issue

Check the prior line from the source code to see it’s a mistaken use of profanity. If it is, then update the PR and the profanity check will then pass.

In the above example, it’s a false positive. In which case follow the instructions to add a line to .github/policy-ignored-lines.txt. See this example PR 1550.